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About Mattress X

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Customized Solutions and Innovative Roll Pack Mattresses from B&B

At B&B, we are an innovative R&D company dedicated to meeting your unique requirements. We specialize in producing customized solutions tailored specifically for your private label and your company. You can either choose from our extensive catalog or have us produce a product uniquely designed for you. Let us help bring your vision to life with our expertise and commitment to excellence.

One of our standout offerings is the Roll Pack Mattress. With this technology, our mattresses can remain intact for up to 3 months, making storage and transportation simpler and more efficient. Once opened, the mattresses are fully ready for use within 72 hours. Our models, PS1, PS2, and PS3, all utilize this innovative technology and can be found in our catalog.

Our unique advantage in the industry is the ability of our products to stay in roll form for extended periods without compromising quality. Additionally, we offer complete customization options, including private labeling, allowing you to tailor the mattresses to your brand's specific needs and preferences.

Please check the catalog below to explore our extensive range of products and find the perfect solution for your brand.

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